Time of Celebration: Every Stawberry Moon.

Where is it held?: It is held near a large moor. Just out of The Pack Of Silver's territory. ^^ It is a large moor. Filled with rabbits. Some old fox dens. Though, there are no foxes. It is sacred, and even The Pack Of Silver cannot go there. If prey strays there they cannot go and pass it, the border is a large hollow rock. It is rumored to have been the first Pack Of Silver's Leader's place to sleep. It has wildflowers littering the Stawberry Moon Festival's territory. It has a large Apple tree, on the side. It has many stones across the tree. For the Leader's of the Packs to stand at.

What Goes On There?: It is a fun festival. It is tradition, to find the largest and plumpest prey you can find and bring it to the moor for the packs to share, all of the packs members to there. Leaving almost only three of four foxes to guard the village. It is competitions held for all the members of all the packs. Fighting (Not harming, friendly fighting.) Hunting, and foxes will teach others training methods. If anyone has a quarrel, the festival will come to an end. It is meant to be a peaceful festival, Leaders share news, and have to compete in at least one activity, with only other Leaders. Usually, when many pups come, they have a large moss ball, a queen will toss around for the pups.

Backstory: (This will be a story)

Lilly, third ever Pack Of Silver Leader saw high anger rise in the packs. There was a great battle consisting all the packs. She made her pack hide, till the battle was done, others mocked her calling her a coward, she made a new festival. The Strawberry Moon festival. The packs joined, and many moons to come. There was peace.