The Pack of Endless Snow Territory Edit


The Village- The Pack of Endless snows Village is located on a large cliff about half way up the mountain, the dens are tunnels burrowed into the mountain and in the villages surrounding walls.

Crystal Caverns- A large cave system made out of mostly crystal and ice, it is said to be the den of CrystalAurora. It is vary vast and covers a majority of the inside of the mountain.

Sacred Spring- a small stream leading from a pool of water at the top of the mountain, this water is said to bridge the gap between the living and nature itself. This is were the Seekers apprentice becomes a full seeker.

Lion Territory- this is almost half of the mountain and is owned by Mountain lions, these beasts often kill pack foxes for food or sport. It is forbidden for apprentices to go there.

Rocky cliffs- less of a specific location and more of a general layout of the mountain itself, the rocky cliffs are almost everywhere, not meany foxes die to these deadly formation.