Three Packs currently exist, The Pack of Silver, The Pack of Echos, and The Pack of Endless Snow. these packs live in peach, with a battle over borders here or there. the packs have multiple ranks to keep the order in their own pack, the ranks are in order of incorporate and a brief summery of what they do will be added as well;

-Leader: Leads the pack

-Seeker: Seeks the tellings of nature

-Curative: A healer or doctor

-Trainer: Trains the apprentices

-Tracker: tracks pray

-Hunter: Hunts pray

-Guard: Guards the camp, leader, and other members of the pack

-Apprentice: A fox in training

-Pup: A baby fox too young to become an apprentice

-Mother: a vixen nursing pups

-Elder: Those to old or frail to continue serving the pack

More detailed descriptions of the ranks and what they do will be added soon!